Bognor/Chichester CTC Club Ride Notes
Saturday, 11 February 2006
Lanzarote. Wednesday 8 February to Friday 10 February

Wednesday 8 February.

This week the wind direction switched round from the northerly which lasted all through January to a southerly and although warmer the wind was also a lot stronger. In the morning the wind was so strong that I decided not to go out on the bike. Later in the morning the wind eased off and I decided on a short ride. Temperature today reached 20C.

I rode up via lanes to the ridge at Conil at 1100ft and then across to Asomada and a short way along the ridge road before heading back on another lane via Tias. Mileage for the day was 16 with 1200ft of climb.

Thursday 9 February

Today weather was sunny on the coast but with cloud building up inland. Still quite a strong wind. Temperatures got up to 21C.

I headed out on the coast road and then the cyclepath with the wind behind me past the Airport to Playa Honda. Then inland and gradually uphill to San Bartolome with planes coming low over the road to land at the Airport. Avoiding the main road I made my way through a jumble of backstreets to the main ridge road towards Uga. After about 4 miles I turned off on a byroad to Asomada. A low cloud base was scudding across the ridges 50ft above the 1200ft pass. Then a long downhill run back into the sunshine on the coast.

23 miles for the day with 1300ft of climb.

Friday 10 February

Weather today was warm at 20C and sunny early and late but with clouds building up inland and one heavy shower.

I took a route out inland via Tias and San Bartolome and then across to the new road from Tahiche headed north. I then turned off on the backroad towards Teguise turning off this partway up the climb to take a winding lane coming out at Los Valles at the start of the climb towards Haria. I then turned back south to Teguise into the wind. Just before San Bartolome I could see heavy clouds building up ahead and the first light spots. I made it to the town square with a covered walkway and seats before a half hour deluge started.

With a strong wind weather changes quickly and soon after I got back to base people were out sunbathing by the pool.

40 miles for the day with 2200ft of climbing


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Lanzarote, Thursday 9 February. North East beach of Puerto del Carmen

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Friday 10 February. Rain Lanzarote style

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Tuesday, 7 February 2006
Lanzarote. Saturday 4 February to Monday 6 February

Saturday 4 February

Weather today was generally sunny with some scattered cloud and temperatures up to 20C. I bought a paper today and noticed maximum temperature in Bognor Regis yesterday was 0C. This confirmed my feelings that it was a very good idea to give winter a miss this year!

Today I decided to explore some little used lanes north east of Teguise. I headed over to Teguise with the usual climbs and stopped in the town square for a break and a snack. Just out of town on the route to Haria I turned off on a downhill backroad to Teseguite. Then onto an even quieter lane via El Mojon. The lane meandered down towards the coast with some steep drops above Guatiza.

I crossed over the New road and then into Guatiza. I then decided to take an untried dead-end road down to Los Cocoteros. This turned out to be an uninteresting little place which probably wasn’t worth descending 300ft and then climbing back up again.

I headed back on the old road to Tahiche. I rode 4 miles on the old road which runs alongside the new road to Tahiche and for that distance the traffic count was zero and 1 bicycle.

I headed on climbing nearly back to San Bartolome but then turned off to descend down to Playa Honda a small resort between Arrecife and the Airport. I stopped at a cafe on the prom to enjoy the warm early afternoon sunshine.

I headed back to base on the seafront cyclepath encountering the afternoon aircraft rush hour as the planes passed low over the cyclepath which at one point is only yards from the end of the runway.

Mileage for the day was 48 with 2800 ft of climb. I had gradually been increasing the mileages over the last few weeks and the week ending today was the first over 200 with 224.


Sunday 5 February

Weather today was sunny in the morning but clouding over in the afternoon. Temperature got up to 19C.

Today I took a ride south to Playa Blanca first climbing to 780ft at Uga. I took the old road which runs adjacent to the new road with a good smooth surface but very little traffic. The road gradually descends over about 10 miles first over lava fields and then across open plains.

Just before Playa Blanca I decided to explore a back road which does a loop to the west of the town. I made my way to a lighthouse with views across to the hills of Fuerteventura. Near here is the start of a wide promenade which I cycled for 3 miles into Playa Blanca.

After lunch at a seafront restaurant I headed back on a more direct but vertically challenging route via Femes. The road climbs with an easy gradient to a roundabout at 800ft but then heads up a cliff with grades of 16 to 18% to climb another 400ft to Femes at 1200ft.

Mileage for the day was 41 with 2200ft of climb.


Monday 6 February. Slavering hound ride.

Today there was a bright and sunny start and then more cloud by midday clearing mid afternoon. Temperatures reached 19C.

I climbed to the central plateau on quiet lanes via Tias and then another lane across the lava fields towards La Vegueta. Passing near a farmhouse 2 dogs spotted me and gave chase. The smaller one was fairly harmless looking but the bigger one looked like a cross between an Alsatian and the Hound of the Baskervilles with a fierce bark and slavering hungry look. I tried squirting it in the eyes with water from my water bottle but it paid this no attention. Luckily both dogs seemed content to bark fiercely and run alongside and made no attempt to bite. It was a good 500 yards before they gave up and went back home.

I continued descending to the other coast via Soo and Famara. I then had a long climb back up to the plateau near Teguise and then I descended to Playa Honda to stop for lunch at a cafe on the prom. I then returned to base on the cyclepath along the prom and past the Airport.

Mileage for the day was 42 with 2100ft of climb.


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Lanzarote. Saturday 4 February. Plane coming into land over cyclepath

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Lanzarote. Sunday 5 February. Playa Blanca Prom

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Lanzarote. Monday 6 February. Cycling towards Famara

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Sunday 5 February
There were 14 riders at the start at Chichester Cross on a beautiful cold but sunny morning. We set off via Fishbourne for elevenses at Bosham where we were joined by two other riders Christine and Steve.

After a very relaxed elevenses we cycled through Chidham and then Prinsted eventually arriving at the Greenhouse Cafe for Lunch. After lunch we set off to Hillyers Garden Centre via Westbourne and Woodmancote, for afternoon tea. Riders came from as far afield as London, Shoreham and the Isle of Wight, and many thanks to them for their efforts, there were no punctures, and the only mechanical problem was Richard dropping a chain. It was a great day and thanks to everyone who participated.


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Friday, 3 February 2006
Lanzarote. Thursday 2 February. Viewpoints Ride.
Today was a great biking day, light winds, sunny and clear with temperatures up to 20C. I decided on a long ride to visit some of the viewpoints to the north of the Island.

I took a back road up to Tias and then another back road to the main plateau road at Masdache. The traffic on both the back roads was very light averaging a car every 2 minutes. Then a fast ride along the centre of the Island to Teguise where I stopped in the square for a break and a snack from my Bar Bag.

Then onwards and upwards along the Haria road to climb another 1000ft to 2000ft. Just before the top I turned off on a side road to La Nieves which is a Church and a car park perched on the edge of 2000ft cliffs above the surf, pounding Famara beach far below. From here there is one of the best views in Lanzarote over the northern coastal plains and the distant volcanic peaks to the south. For some reason it is off the standard tourist trail so is fairly quiet and peaceful.

I continued to the top of the pass and then down the hairpinned descent to Haria. Then further north and another climb to the viewpoint at Mirador del Rio in the far north of the Island. There are 2 roads and I took the narrow windy backroad along the cliff edge with amazing views across to the Island of Graciosa. The Mirador del Rio is a viewing area and building built into the cliff face and the cafe has windows looking out over the view. This made a great place for lunch.

My return route took the other road down to the village of Ye and then a long descent back to sea level on the other coast at Arrieta. From here I took a fast route on the smooth surface of the new coast road gradually climbing to 600ft and then down to Tahiche before another climb to San Bartolome and down via Tias to base.

64 quality miles for the day with 4500ft of climbing.


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Lanzarote. Thursday 2 February. View from La Nieves

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Lanzarote. Thursday 2 February. Hairpins on Haria Pass

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Lanzarote. Thursday 2 February. Clifftop road leading to Mirador del Rio

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Lanzarote. Thursday 2 February. View from Mirador del Rio

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Lanzarote. Sunday 29 January to Wednesday 1 February.

Sunday 29 January

Weather today was generally cloudy with a few sunny spells and temperatures getting to 18C. By previous arrangement I rode over to Costa Teguise to meet up with Alan and Liz. I took my usual route going inland and climbing to 1000ft.

Alan and Liz had moved to a very plush all inclusive Hotel for the last few days of their stay after getting a big price reduction for booking out of season at the last minute. There was a side entrance so I was able to get the bike round to their room to park it on the balcony.

Alan and Liz still had their hired car rather than bikes so I joined them in a drive over to the Jameos de Agua caves in the north of the Island. These are caves formed as part of a long lava tunnel from a Volcano to the sea. We had elevenses at a cafe in the caves and then looked round the caves and museum.

We then went on to Orzola on the northern tip of the Island for lunch before going on to a viewpoint at Guiante overlooking Graciosa Island and then returning to Costa Teguise.

I rode back by the same route completing 31 bike miles for the day and 2100ft of climb.

Tuesday 31 January –Search for a front mech.

Weather today was mainly sunny with some cloud in the middle of the day. Temperature got up to 19C.

Over the last few days I had experienced a lot of problems with my front gear changer and after a lot of fiddling I decided that the spring was probably done in. On a previous ride I had noticed a bike shop in La Santa village called Pro Bike. Today I rode over there. The English couple running the shop were very helpful and checked it out while I waited and confirmed the spring was finished but they did not have a replacement triple changer. They directed me to a Bike Shop in Arrecife called Cyclemania.

As the Bike shop would be closed from 1.30 to 4.30 I stopped for lunch back up the hill at Tinajo and then found a back road into the capital via Guime. The bike shop was easy to find being opposite the only high rise building in Lanzarote. I stopped in a cafe next to the bike shop and got talking to a couple from the Lake District who belonged to the CTC and had been admiring my Roberts Bike.

When the bike shop opened they found a Campag Mirage triple changer and fitted it while I waited. I had a pleasant ride back along the prom/cyclepath which runs for 6 miles on the seaward side of Playa Honda and the Airport to Matagorda and then the seafront road back into Puerto Del Carmen.

Mileage for the day was 45 with 2500ft of climb.

Wednesday 1 February. Volcanoes Ride.

Today I took a short ride taking in the lava fields and Volcanoes. Weather was mainly sunny in the morning clouding over in the afternoon and temperatures getting up to 18C.

I headed out on byroads up to Conil at 1150ft and then on the road across the Lava fields to Mancha Blanca and on to Timanfaya National Park. At the park boundary I stopped off at the Visitor Centre to learn all about Volcanoes and Lava. Then on to Yaiza and back on the main road with a stop for lunch at the Puerto Calero Marina.

31 miles for the day and 1500ft of climb.


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Updated: Friday, 3 February 2006 11:54 AM GMT
Lanzarote. Sunday 29 January. Alan and Liz at Jameos de Agua Caves

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