Bognor/Chichester CTC Club Ride Notes
Sunday, 3 September 2006
Sunday 3rd September. Arun Crossings Ride.

This DA Event was our Sections second of the year ably organised and led by Colin. I joined Colin at the start at Pulborough Station with Avryll and Gill. Alan and Liz and Nicola did part of the route generally in the opposite direction. Gill rode on road but joined us for part of the route in the afternoon.

4 members from Arun Adur and 2 from Horsham joined us.

Weather started dismal and drizzly but soon dried up with bright sunshine by the afternoon with temperatures up to 23C.

Colin led us on a very good route with many rough tracks and lanes many of which were new to us. Despite the area being well known to us by road the tracks added a new dimension and many of us had no idea where we were most of the time. The ride took last years route but in the opposite direction and with the addition of some tracks we had not tried before. We completed 12 crossings of the River Arun during the day.

We headed for Penelopes at Wisborough Green for 11s but that was closed for redecoration so we diverted to Fishers Farm nearby. Soon after elevenses Dave Fox had a fall from his bike and very adroitly scrambled clear of an approaching car. He was none the worse apart from minor cuts. We continued on many more tracks to stop at the Haven for Lunch. We were joined there by a large group from Horsham Section who came direct by road.

Tea was taken at Fishers Farm and then a convoluted route back to Pulborough.

I didn't have a Bike Computer but the route mileage was approx. 30 miles.


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Arun Crossings Ride. Lunchtime at the Haven

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Arun Crossings Ride. Riding a track from Wisborough Green

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Tuesday, 29 August 2006
Sunday 27th August: Stansted from Chichester Cross.

There was a good turn out for this, with members of the Moulton club accompanying the ride. We decided to head to Stansted instead of Petworth to try and avoid bank holiday traffic on the main roads.

We set off from Chichester Cross in brilliant sunshine. It was an odd day weather wise as it was warm in the sun but chilly in the shade, so it was difficult to decide what to wear when cycling. We headed west out of Chichester and across the level crossing, travelling via backroads through Fishbourne, Hambrook and Southbourne before having elevenses at a cafe by a marina on Thorney Island.

After elevenses we set off north to Stansted House cafe via Emsworth and Westbourne. Upon arrival we enjoyed eating our meals outside even though it was fairly windy by that point! The other riders had afternoon tea at Fishbourne Roman Palace tearoom, however I headed straight home after lunch. My mileage for the day was 69km.


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Monday, 28 August 2006
Test Valley Weekend. Monday 28 August. Andover to Chichester

Our good luck with the weather continued this weekend. Heavy rain overnight had cleared by the time we were ready to leave. The day was mainly sunny about 21C and with the added benefit of a 25 mph tail wind all the way home.

John again found some quiet byroads out of Andover and east to Whitchurch where we stopped in a Pub for a coffee. A little further on I gained the first puncture of the day which Mary decided was a good spot with some nearby Blackberry bushes. We continued via Micheldever and more back roads before Sam gained the next puncture. Score for the weekend at this point was 3 all between Sam and me.

We continued to stop for lunch at Tichborne a mile south of New Arlesford. The afternoons ride took us through Cheriton and then a long climb to the Downs. As we were starting off I needed to stop with other riders in front and unclipped the usual left foot but then overbalanced to the right and failed to get the right foot out in time resulting in a fall and a few cuts on the arm. After being suitable patched up we continued on scenic byroads with great views across rolling downland.

We continued across to the Ridge road from HMS Mercury above East Meon where Sam gained the 3rd puncture of the day, final score now 4 to 3 in favour of Sam for most punctures. This was a suitable spot for a snooze in the sunshine and also to hunker down out of the wind blasting across the ridge. We continued via Chalton to stop for Tea at Rowlands Castle.

63 miles back to Chichester and my mileage back to Pagham was 68.


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Monday 28 August. Sams puncture on the HMS Mercury road

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Sunday, 27 August 2006
Test Valley Weekend. Sunday 27 August

Today we did a loop from and back to Andover taking in many quiet Hampshire lanes with old villages full of thatched houses. Weather was sunny and warm up to about 21C with a brisk NW breeze.

We headed out of Andover on lanes to the north via Charlton and up Charlton down. Then down the valley of the Bourne Rivulet a currently dry tributary of the Test. We stopped for coffee at a Pub at St Mary Bourne Village.

Then on down to the Test with a good tailwind. We took a loop on byroads round to Longparish and came across a Ford Sam knew of on a side road with an adjacent footbridge. All of us thought it was too deep to cycle except Phil and Mary who decided to give it a go and provided us with our mid-morning entertainment. Momentum soon evaporated in water 2 foot deep and they had to wade across. A couple of the many pictures I took are below.

We continued on a scenic byroad via Longstock to stop for lunch at Stockbridge where Phil and Mary laid their socks out to dry in the sun.

After lunch we continued south on byroads via Hougton and then a little lane Sam told us was known as puncture alley. I duly obliged by gaining the only puncture of the day. The others were grateful for a post lunch snooze in the sun.

We continued down to Mottisfont 6 miles NW of Romsey and then north on more lanes and some climbing to Broughton where we stopped at the Greyhound Inn for Tea.

Then back to Andover on lanes near Middle Wallop airfield with gliders swooping in to land. 52 miles for the day.


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Sunday 27 August. Phil and Mary getting in deep water

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Sunday 27 August. Phil and Mary wading out of the ford

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Saturday, 26 August 2006
Test Valley Weekend, Saturday 26 August
7 of us met at Chichester Cross to ride over to Andover where we will stay while riding in the Test Valley region. Myself (Edwin) John, Sam, Jeff, Phil and Mary and new member David Rang. Weather was variable with warm sunshine and occasional showers most of which we avoided.
John led us via Funtington, Compton and Charlton to stop for elevenses at the Queen Elizabeth Country Park. Then over the climb to HMS Mercury and as we started the descent to Warnford the first puncture of the day. Sam's rear tyre pumped to 160psi went down with a loud bang. After this was fixed my rear tyre went down 1/4 mile further on. After climbing Wheely Down we stopped for lunch at a Pub a few miles down the road. Not long after we arrived Sam's Bike parked against the Pub wall emitted a loud hiss as his rear tyre went down.
We continued taking lanes via Cheriton and then a very quiet byroad near Itchen Stoke with a ford to ride through. We bypassed Winchester to the North via Kings Worthy and more quiet lanes with a stop at the village shop at Barton Stacey. Then on via wherwell to Andover and our Hotel for 2 nights.

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Test Valley Weekend. Sam's first puncture

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Wednesday, 23 August 2006
Evening Ride - The Royal Oak, Lagness

Unfortunately the last evening ride of the season was completely washed out. Rain which started in the early afternoon had developed into a serious downpour by the evening, and then got progressively worse as the night wore on. 

Any prospective riders had sensibly decided not to turn out. Rather less sensibly, the rides leader went down to the start point "just to check", and got drenched for his trouble.   Yes, I admit, it was me.




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Sunday, 20 August 2006
Sunday 20 August. Leaving after elevenses at Rowlands Castle

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Sunday 20 August. Lunch at the Five Bells, Buriton

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Sunday, 13 August 2006
Sunday 13 August

Five of us gathered at Walberton Pond on an overcast day for the long ride to Shoreham Airport: Edwin, Jill, Colin, Phil & Mary. We took the usual route through Madehurst to Whiteways and descended to Amberley, then followed the road through Parham Park and on to Storrington. From Storrington, we followed the main road in increasingly heavy rain to Wiston Tea Rooms where we took our refreshments inside for a change. When we left the T-Rooms, the rain had eased and we continued north and then turned right along a minor road, right again along a B-road, and eventually arrived at Steyning. From Stenying, we took a minor road at the East of the Village which led south through the Downs to the A27 and the back entrance to Shoreham Airport which we reached at about 12:30pm. Shoreham is now used for commercial flights and the restaurant was full of people.
From the Airport, Colin navigated us to the coast and along the front to Worthing, then through the housing estates to the Look and Sea Centre where we stopped for tea. The Littlehampton Lifeboat "Blue Peter" was being serviced on the slipway. By the time we finished our tea, the weather had taken another turn for the better and the sun shone as we continued to the main road (the footbridge was closed) and then along the bike track to Yapton, Barnham, Oving, Merton Pond and home shedding riders as we went until finally Jill continued alone to Hunston.
Phil Turner

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