Bognor/Chichester CTC Club Ride Notes
Sunday, 6 August 2006
Sunday 6 August. Ride to the Country Inn, Bepton.

Arthur led this ride and was joined at Chichester Cross by Brian from the Isle of Wight, Harvey and Keith Dodman. Weather was warm and humid reaching about 25C with cloud and sunny spells.

The group took a direct route up the Centurion Way to West Dean and then the main road via Singleton to stop for elevenses at The Moonlight Cafe, Cocking.

I (Edwin) met the group at Cocking riding there direct after riding an early morning 25 mile time trial and returning home to change bikes. Alan and Liz also rode direct to Cocking and we met Adrian at the Pub making a total of 8 out on the day.

We took a direct route to the Pub on lanes arriving at about 12.10 beating Horsham Section for a change by about a minute. We were glad to get our food orders in first as service was fairly slow. We had a chat to some Horsham Section members about good routes in the Chichester area.

We returned on the same route and into Lavant. Alan, Liz and Harvey rode on to Aldingbourne for tea while the rest of us went to Goodwood Flying Club for tea.

My mileage on the Club Ride was 39 but with the addition of 51 miles done earlier on the 25 and riding there and back my total for the day was 90 miles.


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Saturday, 5 August 2006
Saturday 5 August. Climping Beach Picnic Ride.

I (Edwin) led this Ride and I was joined at Bognor Library by 10 others including Dawn and Fred and Philippa and William. Weather was warm and sunny at about 24C.

We took backroads and Cyclepaths to Felpham and then Limmer Lane to the Summerley Estate. Then more back- roads via Ancton and Elmer. Then along the beach involving some walking over the pebbles to Climping.

We settled on the beach for a late picnic lunch and some sunbathing and a few of the more energetic took a swim. At the beach we met Alan and Liz and Julian and a friend taking total numbers out on the day to 15.

We took a fairly direct route back with a stop for tea at The Lobster Pot cafe on Felpham Seafront.


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Monday, 31 July 2006
Saturday 29 July. BBQ @ Phil & Mary's House, Runcton.
There was a good turn out for this, with the weather warm, muggy and

Those that wanted to cooled off in the heated (and illuminated) pool whilst
Phil cooked the meat brought along on the outside BBQ and Mary prepared the
buffet inside. After dining on meat and salad we were treated to a
selection of excellent cakes for dessert.

We all chatted into the evening, I left at 10pm to cycle home, arriving back
at 11.30pm. It rained on my journey back but fortunately not enough to
require waterproofs. My mileage for the day was 66km.


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Sunday, 30 July 2006
Sunday 30 July. Chichester Start for ride to Wisborough Green Picnic.

7 of us met at the Cross, myself (Edwin) Phil, Mary, Ann, Avryl, Jeff and Richard. Weather was cooler than of late at about 24C but dry and mainly sunny with scattered cloud.

We took a route out via Goodwood Park and then over the Downs to Pillygreen Lodge and down to East Dean and the lane to Upwaltham. We descended Duncton Hill where Richard left us to return via Graffham. We continued on lanes to stop for elevenses at Tiffins in Petworth. We looked on with some interest over our tea and cakes as 2 mounted Hussars in full dress uniform rode past on the way to a festival at Petworth House.

We continued on beautiful leafy lanes via Balls Cross and Kirdford to Wisborough Green. Horsham Section members were already well settled at the Pub and we set up camp for the Picnic under a tree opposite the Pub.

We were soon joined by Arun Adur members and Harvey with Alan and Liz making up the Walberton Pond start and Colin and Chris who came direct. Ernie and Nicola also came direct. 30 attended the Picnic in all.

For the return ride our members with Arun Adur members formed a big joint group of 17 to ride via Kirdford and Byworth to stop for tea at the Sutton Hospitality Festival. Mary had seen the sign for this on the mornings ride and we had come across it 2 years ago when they did excellent teas at the Vicarage. Luckily the same arrangement applied this year and we were soon settled in the Vicarage back Garden. We would make this a regular Tea Stop but unfortunately it only opens once every 2 years when the festival is held.

Arun Adur members headed back east and the rest of us took a little used route up Bignor Hill, steepest in Sussex. Then down the track on the other side to Madehurst and back to the coast.
60 miles done by the time I returned home.


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Sunday 30 July. Picnic at Wisborough Green

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Sunday 30 July. Bognor Chichester and Arun Adur members riding back

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Sunday 30 July. Tea at Sutton Vicarage

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Thursday, 27 July 2006
Wednesday 26 July. Evening Ride to Dell Quay. Felpham Start



I (Edwin) led the ride meeting Graham and Chris at The Fox. We headed along the Seafront road to Pagham and then on to tracks. First on Summer Lane and across the fields to Honer Lane. Then up to South Mundam and another track across fields to Hunston. Then both sections of the Canal to come out by the entrance to Chichester Yacht basin. We then took the road to Dell Quay to meet up with the Chichester group including Phil and Mary, John and Richard and family.


As we had drinks in the Garden there was red sky to the NW as the sun set with ominous dark clouds with occasional lightning flashes to the SE. The weather radar on the Internet had shown massive storms tracking up the channel and moving inland further east. We had escaped rain so far but decided to make an early return. Chris headed straight back to Littlehampton and John joined Graham and I for the ride back. As we headed down the Pagham Road at a fast pace a little light rain started and ahead of us forks of lightning pierced the gathering dark clouds ahead of us. I reached home without needing waterproofs.


About 28 miles from and back to Felpham.



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Wednesday 26 July - Chichester start
Phil, Mary and John left the cross on another sultry evening. We headed south to the yacht basin and followed the canal down through Hunston to the entrance to Chichester Marina. We then followed the A286 south west to the roundabout, and made our way back through Birdham to re-cross the canal by the footbridge in the Marina. There was little activity in the marina as we crossed over the main lock gate and took the path through the woods to meet the lane just east of Appledram and finally made our way to the Anchor. It was an evening of vivid colours. The weeds in the canal were bright green. The tide was low and the mudflats also showed green vegetation. The sun setting in the smoggy west was a brilliant red. To the south, another evening thunder storm provided flashes of forked lightening and rumbles of thunder. We were joined by Richard, Elizabeth & family, then the group from Bognor led by Edwin.
Phil Turner

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Tuesday, 25 July 2006
Sunday 23 July. Rowlands Castle from Chichester Cross
We, Liz and I (Alan) met Dawn, Fred and Sonja at Quarry Lane en route to Chichester Cross. There we met Harvey. I suggested a route via Emsworth taking Clay Lane to the A259 and Southbourne to Emsworth where we met Roy Wasdell. We took the track through to Westbourne and then on to Rowlands Castle.
It was very hot with not many people or Cyclists at the Cafe. In view of the heat we took a direct route back via Fishbourne Roman Palace via Clay Lane for tea, leaving Roy at Westbourne Harvey split off at Chichester and the rest of us headed back to Bognor along the Cycle path. Distance from and back to Felpham was 42 miles

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Monday, 24 July 2006
Exton - 23 July - early start
Richard Boulton of Arun Adur joined Phil, Mary and Edwin at Chichester Cross for the 9 am start for Exton, Hampshire. We headed north on the Centurion Way and then crossed by Binderton to join the Chilgrove Road which we followed until the turn to East Marden. The weather was cooler than of late (average 25 degrees for the day) but it was still comparatively humid. From East Marden we followed minor roads westwards until we crossed the railway line north of Rowlands Castle and climbed the steep hill to Chalton. A tentative plan to take the footpath north to the visitor centre was abandoned due to time pressure and excessive undergrowth so we continued to cross the A3 and then re-cross to the Queen Elizabeth Country Park Visitor Centre.
Adrian was waiting in the coffee shop and after taking refreshments we headed back into Clanfield and then climbed up to the Meon Ridge for the usual spectacular ride along the ridge, eventually descending to Warnford from where we followed the A32 south to Exton, and the Shoe Inn.
Our return route took us through Chidden and past the Bat and Ball pub to a rather hair raising crossing point on the A3. We have not used this for some years and the traffic is both faster and denser than prior crossings. Adrian turned south just prior to Clanfield. We continued to Rowlands Castle for tea where we were joined by Sam and Graham who then returned towards Chichester with us, through Funtington and then down Watery Lane to pick up the South Coast Cycle Route back. We covered  about 100 km but at a reasonably good pace so we were back in Chichester soon after 4 pm.
Phil Turner 

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Sunday, 23 July 2006
Sunday 23 July - 11's at Queen Elizabeth Country Park

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Thursday, 20 July 2006
Evening Ride: The Black Horse, Binsted (Felpham start)

After a poor start to the season, the weather for the last few evening rides has been excellent, and tonight was no exception. A blisteringly hot day had cooled down a little, and with no wind, riding conditions were perfect.

 Four of us set out from the Fox - Julian, Val, Alan, and myself - and we threaded our way through the housing estates of Felpham and Middleton, heading to Binsted via Yapton, Ford Lane and Ford.

After Ford station we turned into Tortington and began the short, but noticeable, ascent into the foothills of the South Downs, before turning south again for the descent into Binsted Woods.

At the very bottom of the hill, the tarmac ends and the lane becomes a rough stony track. Caution is required in order to avoid an unplanned dip into Binsted Lake, presided over by the mysterious shrine to the Madonna. This part of the wood is always a very lonely spot and with the sun slowly setting as we arrived, it did seem to be particularly atmospheric tonight.

We did not linger, but climbed up the hill past the ancient ruins of Tortington Manor, to re-join the tarmac, and, eventually, the lane ended up at the pub.

No Chichester contingent this week, but we were joined later by Edwin, fresh from his time trialling, who came all the way back with us.

For the return route I followed a more direct line over Hedgers Hill and back to Yapton via North End. From Yapton it was straight to Felpham via Middleton Road.

Mileage from the Fox, back to the Fox,  a modest 18.






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Sunday, 16 July 2006
Sunday 16 July. Chichester start ride to Ayling Garden Centre, Trotton.

Another day of cloudless blue skies and temperatures rising to about 28C.

I was leading the ride and Avryl and Harvey joined me at the Cross with Adrian meeting us at Compton. We rode via West Ashling and Funtington to stop for elevenses at Compton Stores.

We continued with a fairly easy climb up the southern side of Harting Hill and then a sharp descent to Harting Village. We saw a large group of veteran motorbikes coming towards us. I heard my name shouted and saw Richard Carlisle in the group.

We continued via Nyewood and then a narrow quiet country lane to Trotton.

At the Garden Centre John Maxim was waiting for us and we were later joined by Alan and Liz who came direct and then Colin and Gill the Walberton Pond starters. Sam and Graham joined us after riding large parts of Hampshire first. The meeting of Cyclists was completed when Arun Adur members joined us led By Ernie.

We headed back on lanes via Didling and Cocking to stop for tea at West Dean Gardens.

My mileage for the day from Pagham was 53


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Sunday 16 July. Elevenses at Compton

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