Bognor/Chichester CTC Club Ride Notes
Sunday, 4 September 2005
Arun Crossings Ride, Pulborough Station Start. DA Event.
Colin led this ride with some people riding to the start, some coming by train and some by car. I (Edwin) am writing this report on behalf of Colin. I had dusted off (literally) my Mountain Bike after several years lack of use and took the train up from Bognor.

Gathered at the station from Bognor/Chichester there was myself, Colin, Chris, Richard Carlisle, Nicola and Tom. From Arun/Adur there was Dave Galle, Dave Fox, John Wickens, Richard Boulton and Barry. We were also joined by Bob from Billingshurst not a member of a Section who had heard about the Ride.

Weather was hot and sunny reaching 26c. We took lanes north from Pulborough Station up Codmore Hill and then on a track making our first crossing of the Arun at Patlingham Quay Farm. Then more tracks coming out on the Cold Harbour road between Fittleworth and Wisborough Green. We were grateful to turn right avoiding the big climb little knowing that Colin had it stored up for the afternoon.

Our taste of Tarmac was short lived as we soon turned right off the road onto the Wey South Path taking us via another Arun Crossing to Lee Place and north on the track to Wisborough Green with another Arun crossing. On route we met Alan and Liz who were making their own way and joined us for Coffee at Penelopes Cafe, Wisborough Green.

We continued north on more lanes and tracks to our lunch stop at the Haven. Here we met 7 riders from Horsham Section including Roger Nash celebrating 10 years to the day since he joined the Horsham Section. We also met our Walberton Pond group and John Maxim, Brian, Sue and Graham who had arrived on lightweight road bikes which were not going anywhere near any rough tracks.

We continued with the ride heading south on the lane turning off onto a track at Oakhurst to cross the Arun and come out at Newpound Common and a few hundred yards of Tarmac before heading east on another track via Paplands Farm and over the Arun again and back to the lane and down to Newbridge and on to Wisborough Green for tea. We met Alan, Liz, Tom, Barry and Ernie who were making their own way.

We headed south on the usual track from Wisborough Green but then took a bridlepath west. Here we encountered our first muddy patch. This was luckily quite short and in contrast with the rest of the day which had been dry and hard packed.

We came out on the Coldharbour lane and this time had the steep climb of 15% plus where I engaged my emergency Shimano Super Low Megarange 34 tooth rear cog.

We descended part way but then took a track across to Stopham Bridge and down to the old bridge over the Arun at the White Hart. For completeness we also did the main road bridge and then back over the old bridge and on to Pulborough Station.

Mileage from and back to Pulborough was 28.5. Well done to Colin for an excellent route much of which was totally new to many in the group including myself. We would plan to repeat the ride as a DA Event at the same time next year.

If you want to ride some or all of the route Colins route sheet is now on the DA Website, follow the link below

Route sheet link

Edwin for Colin

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Updated: Wednesday, 7 September 2005 8:32 PM BST
Patlingham Quay Farm North of Pulborough

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Updated: Sunday, 4 September 2005 10:47 PM BST
Wey South Path south of Wisborough Green

remote Posted by Ride Leader at 10:30 PM BST
At The Haven

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Colin Crossing the Arun

remote Posted by Ride Leader at 10:27 PM BST
Nearly finished at Stopham Bridge

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Sunday 4 September, Walberton Pond start, The Blue Ship, The Haven.
This ride was nominate Leader on the day and Harvey volunteered and was joined by Gill and Ann. Weather was hot and sunny with temperatures up to 26c.

Route taken was via Madehurst, Houghton and Amberley to stop for elevenses at Wiggonholt. The group continued via West Chiltington and Adversane to stop for lunch at The Haven and meeting up with riders on the Arun Crossings Ride and from Horsham.

The group returned via Wiggonholt and Houghton.

Edwin for Harvey

Posted by Ride Leader at 10:22 PM BST
Friday, 2 September 2005
Sun 28 Aug Stopham Bridge Pulborough
It was a beautiful sunny day with a cloudless sky. Six riders set out from Chichester Cross. There was no named leader and so between us we sorted out a route and off we went - Gill, Christine, Harvey, Mike Ann and Avryl.

We went to Singleton via Centurion Way, along the valley to the A285 at Upwaltham,down Duncton Hill turning right at the bottom,through Shopham and Fittleworth to the Wyvale Garden Centre. Here we met Alan, Liz and Eric who had come partly by car and train respectively. This was our lunch stop.

Alan led us up by Pulborough Station on a round trip bringing us back to the A283 and Wiggonholt where we stopped for tea. We returned to Chichester via Amberley Walberton and Oving.

None of us had a computer but the estimated length of the ride was 45 mls.


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Updated: Friday, 2 September 2005 3:04 PM BST
Tuesday, 30 August 2005
Sunday 28 August. A Sunday Ride in Kent.
Over the Bank Holiday Weekend I joined in a long weekend trip organised by John Maxim to Tunbridge Wells. There were 5 on the trip the other 3 being Phil and Mary Turner and Richard Boulton from Arun Adur Section.

Weather was great being dry but cloudy on the Saturday and warm and unbroken sunshine on Sunday and Monday.

We met at Shoreham Airport Cafe on the Saturday and rode over on byroads just north of the Downs and the southern section of the Ashdown Forest. Elevenses was at Rushfield Garden Centre, Poynings, lunch at the Plough Plumpton Green and Tea at St Ives Farm, Hartfield (found at the end of a couple of long remote lanes and nearly giving up but worth it for the beautiful gardens)

Sunday dawned with clear blue skies and a full English breakfast all round. Tunbridge Wells is just over the border into Kent from East Sussex and the plan was to do a circular route further east into the Garden of England via Tenterton and Bewl Water Reservoir.

The morning started with a bit of culture as we headed first for the ruins of Bayham Abbey. We arrived at 10.00 and the abbey was closed till 11.00. We opened the gate with the No admittance sign which we didn't really notice and cycled up the long driveway. We got a good view of the Abbey ruins from the car park. There was a bit of time for photographs as Phil struggled to get the timer on his Camera to work.

Next we headed a mile up the road to Scotney Castle. We cycled slowly up the entrance driveway and I was looking down at my Camera at the crucial moment when everybody in front slowed to decide on route. I swerved but not in time and caught the edge of Phil and Mary’s Tandem and came off. Luckily no bones were broken but lots of gravel rash on arm shoulder and leg. No damage to bikes and even the camera escaped unscathed.

Lots of wet wipes were used and elevenses was switched to outside the Castle shop while I recovered. We headed on via a few more hills to the ridge at Goudhurst. John suggested I must be feeling better after I got up a few of the hills ahead of everybody else. We stopped for lunch at the Bull in Benenden beside the village green and Cricket pitch.

We decided to miss out Tenterden and John found some lanes and lots more hills before we stopped for tea at Bewl Water cafe at the visitor centre. Mileage for the day was 50.7.

Return on Monday was across the Ashdown Forest and a great elevenses stop at Heaven Farm south of Danehill. Then on to lunch at the Duke of York, Sayers Common and Tea at Wiston.


Posted by Ride Leader at 7:57 PM BST
Updated: Sunday, 4 September 2005 10:51 PM BST
Outside B&B Tunbridge Wells

remote Posted by Ride Leader at 7:55 PM BST
John with Oast House in background.

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Updated: Tuesday, 30 August 2005 8:02 PM BST
Thursday, 25 August 2005
Evening Ride to Kings Head, Drayton. Felpham start
I led this ride on behalf of Graham who is away in Sunny Spain. There were 6 at the Fox being myself, Karen, Val, Julian, John and Alan.

Weather was sunny but rather cool with a first taste of autumn.

We headed out through town, not the Seafront as this was closed for a Bank Holiday Fair. Then up the Aldwick Road and cutting across on the concrete farm track. This was quite muddy in places after the downpours of Wednesday and the heavy shower at midday today.

Then onto the Pagham road and across to Merston on the lane and up to the Kings Head on the cyclepath arriving 20 minutes after sunset. We were joined from Chichester by Richard and Arthur and clan. We also met up with Dave and Jan who had come direct and Chris joined us and later returned with us.

Some of us tried out the Pubs homemade crisps, cooked while we waited and delivered hot on a plate.

The return was direct on the cycle route to Bognor to conclude the last Evening ride of the year.


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Updated: Friday, 26 August 2005 9:27 PM BST
Sunday, 21 August 2005
Sunday 21 August. Walberton Pond Start. Ride to Dragons Green.
9 of us started from the Pond led by Colin being myself, Colin, Tom, Steve Thomas, Chris, Steve and Bernie and newcomers Clive and Yvonne.

Weather was cloudy to start with but by eleven had cleared to a warm day with blue skies and occasional clouds.

Colin led us out via the Spur and Madehurst to Whiteways and then a good fast descent to Houghton. We continued via Amberley to stop for elevenses at Wiggonholt. Alan and Elizabeth joined us at Wiggonholt but made their own way to the Pub. Elizabeth has made her first Bike rides of any length this last week since breaking her arm but her speed is still limited.

The ride continued on a fairly direct route via Watery Lane and West Chiltington to arrive at the Pub at 12.01.

We returned by way of Ashington and then lanes via Warminghurst to Storrington, Parham Park and Amberley to stop for tea at Houghton Bridge Tea Rooms. This made for a pleasant stop in the Garden at the edge of the river with a couple of Swans begging for food. John Maxim met up with us at Houghton after being over to Trotton for Lunch.

On the return to Walberton the mileage from and back to the Pond was 42.5. My mileage from and back to Pagham was 63.

Edwin for Colin

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Updated: Monday, 22 August 2005 2:12 PM BST
21 Aug. Wiggonholt

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Updated: Sunday, 21 August 2005 8:32 PM BST
21 Aug. Riding lane near Coolham on the return

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Updated: Sunday, 21 August 2005 8:33 PM BST

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