Bognor/Chichester CTC Club Ride Notes
Sunday, 14 August 2005
Sunday 14 August. Ride to Gunwharf Quays, Portsmouth.
I led this ride on behalf of Arthur who was away. We had 11 on the ride with myself, Gill, Jo, Avryl. Phil and Mary, Richard, Mike Trussler, Sam, Ernie and Jeff. Adrian made it up to 12 for the route from Emsworth to Portsmouth.

The weather was fine with cloud and sunny intervals but a strong NW wind. There were some threatening black clouds at times especially in the afternoon but never coming to more than a few spots.

We took the usual South Coast Cycle Route lanes to Emsworth where we stopped for elevenses. The ride continued to Havant and then down the Hayling Billy cycle path to West Hayling and on to the Ferry. We arrived just as a ferry pulled in. In Southsea I led the ride along the Esplanade and then across to the Fishbourne Ferry road and along to Gunwharf Quays.

We had a look at the Spinnaker Tower now completed and gleaming white and looking very spectacular. It will be open to the Public in about 3 weeks. Lunch was taken at a caf? overlooking the water.

We returned on cycle paths to Cosham and then back roads to Havant and Rowlands Castle for Tea. We then headed back via Westbourne.

Mileage to and from Chichester Cross was 47. Jo took some photos there to celebrate her longest mileage to date.


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Hayling Ferry

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Spinnaker Tower

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Thursday, 11 August 2005
THURSDAY 11 AUGUST 2005 - Evening Ride: Felpham to The Black horse, Binsted
Another evening of excellent cycling weather as 7 riders left Felpham for Binsted by way of Middleton, Yapton, Ford station and Tortington.

After a slow but steady climb from Tortington we were rewarded with a downhill stretch as the lane dropped down into Binsted Wood, and at the point where the tarmac ran out we stopped for a brief look at the Madonna pond.

Binsted is mentioned in the Domesday Book and there are many myths and legends about the woods and pond (or Binsted Lake as it was called in earlier times). Paranormal activity is said to have been observed. However it is known that the statue of the Madonna was placed there in 1946 in more mundane circumstances.

Leaving the pond for the short climb out of the copse and back into civilisation, the tarmac started again as suddenly as it had stopped, and the pub was soon reached. On arrival the pub manager greeted us to explain that they could not open the garden gate, and we were invited to wheel our bikes through the lounge bar, to the bemusement of the regulars.

Repeating this performance for the return trip, we then set out to complete a circular ride by taking the sharp drop down Hedgers Hill and then up the other side, to Walberton, North End, and then back to Yapton, Middleton and Felpham. Round trip mileage was 18.


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Tuesday, 9 August 2005
Sun.7.Aug Awayday Ride from Petersfield.10.30
A lovely sunny day enjoyed by all. We met at Petersfield Station at 10.30 where parking is free on Sundays. All 8 of us had come by car. We were then joined by 4 riders who had cycled from Chichester on the longer ride led by Edwin.

We headed off west from Petersfield and were soon cycling along a maze of quiet country lanes stopping at The Sustainable Centre tea rooms for mugs of coffee/tea and homemade cake. This is an "eco" place which was part of HMS Mercury which is now closed. For those interested, one can be buried here in a cardboard coffin and have a tree planted above. (The conversation can be imagined)

We headed South with wonderful views from Teglease Down and towards Ripley on lanes parallel with the busier Hambledon roads. The Horse and Jockey was our lunchtime stop and here we met two more of Edwins riders who somehow had missed him.

All 14 of us continued east. through Denmead and on to Clanfield. Edwins group left us here while we continued on to Butser hill - yes, to the top, and then came our reward. Oh, Edwin you did miss out. Halfway down a whizzee hill (Harvesting Lane) is a Barn where the most delicious cream teas are served on the lawn outside. Only one person was strong enough not to succumb.

Back to Petersfield. A farewell to Clare and Vernon and to wish them well on their 2 year round the world bike tour, and back home.

Many thanks to Jan Bambridge who lives in this area and who planned the delightful route.

Total 35 miles

Avryl Bavister (Leader)

Lane near Hipley

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Sunday, 7 August 2005
Sunday 7 August. Fast ride to Hipley from Chichester
Today there was a car assisted ride to Hipley from Petersfield which will be the subject of a separate Report. This was the fast ride starting from Chichester to join the main ride at Petersfield.

We met 8.30 Chichester Cross and there were 4 including myself with Chris, Ann and Mike Trussler.

We enjoyed a beautiful day with clear blue skies although a strong NW headwind to Petersfield. We took a fairly direct route via Compton, West Marden and Harting.

We did not get to Petersfield early enough to go to Tesco for breakfast as planned. We went on to the Railway Station to meet another 8 riders on the main Ride. Colin and Adrian joined us for lunch at Hipley.

In the afternoon we left the main group at Clanfield and headed back via Chalton to stop for Tea at Rowlands Castle. Mileage to and from the centre of Chichester was 62 and my mileage to and from Pagham was 75.


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Saturday, 6 August 2005
Saturday Ride. Climping Beach Picnic Ride

We met at 1.00 at Bognor Library and despite threatening skies 8 turned up including myself with Dawn, Fred, Roy, Philippa, Jo, Val and Janet.

There was a brief light shower as we waited but the rest of the afternoon was dry despite dark clouds in places.

On the route out we avoided traffic taking the cyclepath under the Upper Bognor Road and then the playing fields cyclepath past a Cricket match to Felpham. Then it was estate backroads via Middleton, Ancton and Elmer. Then along the beach with some cycling and some walking to stop for our picnic at Climping.

We noticed that Val and Janet had gone missing as we walked along the beach. They eventually turned up and it turned out had been rescuing an injured seabird and arranging for it to be sent to a Bird Rescue organisation at Sidlesham.

The water looked a little grey cold and uninviting but Dawn, Philippa and Roy bravely took the plunge.

After the picnic we headed back on a similar route to stop for tea at the seafront Cafe by Felpham Yacht Club.


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Friday, 5 August 2005
Wednesday 3 August, Evening ride to Donnington, Chichester Start

Jeff Lander came into Chi for 6 pm with Louise a phyisio student staying with parents in Selsey for the summer. Arrived to be greeted by Mary and Phil only. A pity so few as it was such a perfect evening for a ride. We dropped in on City Cycles to show Louise where to get her bike serviced or better still where to buy a new road bike! We escaped the traffic on turning off the Goodwood road to Westerton and from there on it was how cycling should be , Up over Goodwood ridge and along the valley floor taking in East Dean Charlton singleton West Dean before taking the Centurion Way back to Chi . In line bladers passed with ease and over to Dell Quay for a look at the harbour before a fine pint at Blacksmiths Arms in Donnington (food too expensive)


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Thursday, 4 August 2005
WEDNESDAY 3 AUGUST 2005 - Evening Ride: Felpham to The Wilkes Head, Eastergate
Continued good weather conditions brought 5 riders to the start point, only to find the trip in jeopardy due to the non arrival of the advertised leader.
After some discussion I was co-opted as leader (there were no other volunteers despite my entreaties), and we set off rather later than planned towards the advertised destination of the Winterton Arms at Crockerhill.

We went out by way of Middleton village, Yapton, Maypole Lane, and then round the back of Barnham via Woodside and Orchard Way to end up in the old part of Eastergate. As we passed Eastergate church the welcoming sight of the Wilkes Head pub proved too tempting, and as we were running late anyway, a decision was made to terminate the ride there. We noted that the Wilkes is a regular destination for evening rides, but has not appeared at all in this years programme. Thus we felt we were correcting that oversight.

For the return trip, John decided to leave the group in favour of a longer and faster circuit via Oving and Colworth, whilst the rest of us took to the tracks behind Westergate school to emerge on the main road at Woodgate. From there some lively running ensued as we headed straight down a strangely quiet A29 all the way to Bognor. Returning to Felpham via the cricket pitch we had completed a modest circuit of only 13 miles, although somehow it seemed much longer.


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Sunday, 31 July 2005
Sunday, 31 July - DA picnic, Chichester start
Nine started from the Cross under cloudy skies but pleasant riding
temperature. We went out through Westhampnett and climbed up to the
ridge at Pilleygreen Lodge. A dislocated chain on the lower slopes
proved difficult to fix but eventually we regrouped and continued along
the ridge, descending to Upwaltham, climbing back to the top of Duncton
Hill, then descending the hill and turning right at the bottom to follow
the minor road through Sutton, making the short steep climb of Sutton
Hill to Bignor Roman Villa where we stopped for coffee. We continued to
cross the A29 near Bury and then through Houghton Bridge, Amberley
Village and Rackham to Wiggonholt. We arrived a little late so most of
the other DA attendees were already tucking into their picnics.

A few drops of rain fell and hastened our departure back towards
Houghton Bridge and Arundell together with the Walberton start group. On
the climb of Houghton Hill, the rain became torrential and it was a
bedraggled group that assembled under the trees at Whiteways. A
consensus quickly emerged that we should skip afternoon tea and head for
home. The rain stopped as quickly as it started and by the time the
depleted group reached Eastergate, the sun was poking back through the

There was a good representation from the section at the DA picnic
including Jim and Irene on their new motorbike.

Phil Turner

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Sunday 31 July. DA Picnic, Wiggonholt, Walberton Pond Start
Harvey led from the pond and was joined by Colin, Gill and Steve Thomas.

The route took in Madehurst, Whiteways and then down to Houghton and across to Bury and round the lanes via Coldwaltham. It was decided not to stop for elevenses but come direct to the picnic at Wiggonholt Common.

Weather was cloudy but the rain held off during the morning and the picnic. The picnic was a pleasant meet up with Arun Adur and Horsham members and a large group starting from Chichester. Also Jeff and Beatrice came direct on their Tandem and Jim and
Irene came motorbike assisted.

The group joined the Chichester group for the return and cycled into shower clouds massing over the downs. There was torrential rain while cycling up Houghton Hill and the group decided to abandon the planned Arundel tea stop and head directly home.

Edwin for Harvey

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Saturday, 30 July 2005
Saturday, 30 July - Club BBQ
No swimmers, but no shortage of volunteers to mind the coals tonight as
the weather was slightly chilly and the skies overcast. A few drops of
rain fell, but not enough to deter outdoor consumption of the BBQ and
Mary's supporting spread + hot coffee. It was good to see so many out
(32) given the indifferent weather. Arthur and Fred were joint first in
the club raconteur award.

Phil Turner

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Friday, 29 July 2005
Thursday, 28 July - Chichester start
Phil, Mary and Mike started from Chichester Cross in pleasant
conditions. We made our way out through Westhampnett and Halnaker to
pick up the minor road that leads through Eartham and Slindon Village
and then along a short ridge before dropping down to meet the A29 just
below the Spur. Entertainment was provided by Bognor and Chichester Road
club who were holding a time trial past the pub. It was a bumpy route
for an evening ride. We were well into our drinks by the time the
Felpham group arrived.

Phil Turner

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Thursday, 28 July 2005
THURSDAY 28 JULY 2005 - Evening Ride: Felpham to The Spur, Slindon
We were again fortunate to enjoy excellent cycling weather for this ride and 5 riders set out for Slindon by way of Bilsham, Yapton Church, Walberton, and Fontwell. From there we crossed under the A27 via the tunnel to emerge at Park Pale.

Our route then took us along Slindon Bottom Road, a very picturesque lane through Slindon Woods which skirts the perimeter of the pale. On leaving the woods the ruined Folly on Nore Hill was clearly visible to the north.

For pictures and a description of Nore's Folly click on this link. Link to website

We then tackled a challenging double climb over Court Hill and College Hill to reach Slindon village. Gravity then ensured a fast run down to the crossroads before the final hill climb to reach the Spur.

The return route was via Slindon Common, Tye Lane, Walberton Pond, Barnham and Yapton and the round-trip mileage was 19.5.


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Sunday, 24 July 2005
Sunday 24 July , 10.00 Chichester start to Westbourne
With strong wind and torrential rain not clearing in the end until lunchtime, this Ride was cancelled.

Edwin for Alan

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