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Thursday, 7 October 2010
Greece Week 2. 1st to 7th Oct

Our 2nd week in Greece, Lesvos Island on Thursday 1st October started with a ride from Kalloni To Vatera on the southern coast on the eastern side of the Kalloni Gulf. This was a relatively easy ride with less hills than usual. Flat along the gulf with great views. Then a rough road along the coast. The one big climb was very steep for about 2 miles with gradients up to 13%.We stayed at the Vatera Beach Hotel right on the sea front

27 miles for the day and 1158 ft of climbing for the day.

The next day Saturday 2nd October we moved on to Plomari only about 10 miles along the coast but no direct road. To avoid a much longer diversion on roads to the north we took a route along the coast, then inland to Kato Stavros for elevenses. Then it was a steep uphill climb for 5 miles on a dirt road to 1300ft. Jan who dislikes rough stuff was not at all happy. At the end of the track Arthur pretended to be the Pope and knelt down to appear to kiss the tarmac.

25 miles for the day and 2207 ft of climbing.

We stayed 2 nights at Plomari and on Sunday 3rd October explored some of the pretty cobbled streets of the town.

On Monday 4th October we rode east from Plomari to Mytilene. We split into 2 groups. Most of the riders took a more direct route via Perama and a ferry across the Gulf of Gera.

Richard and I took a longer and hillier ride to the north. First it was a long steep climb out of Plomari for 6 miles to Megalochori the highest village on the Island at 1500ft. After elevenses in the village we took a very steep dirt road for 3 miles with great views of Mount Olympus and reaching a high point of 2762ft.

Then it was down to the scenic mountain town of Agiasos and a Baclava stop. Then a good 12 mile descent.

33 miles for the day and 3005ft of climbing

On Tuesday 5th October we explored the extensive Castle at Mytilene not far from the Hotel Orfeas where were staying. In the late morning and afternoon we did a circuit of the peninsula to the south with quiet scenic roads after leaving the heavy traffic of Mytilene. 21 miles and 1295ft of climbing.

On Wednesday 6th October we rode 7 miles from Mytilene to our first Hotel the Hotel Votsala at Pyrgi Thermi. Richard and I extended the ride with a gentle climb into the mountains to Pigi and then Komi and back. 20 miles and 950ft of climb. In the afternoon the bikes were packed.

Thursday 7th October the bikes were loaded on transport provded by the Hotel to get them to the Airport..

I am writing this at Mytilene Airport in the middle of a 6 hour delay to our flight due to a 4 hour Greek Air Traffic controllers strike. Hopefully we will get home sometime today.


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Sunday, 7 January 2007
Ride Notes web address change


This Ride Notes Blog is now an Archive covering entries from June 2005 to the end of 2006.

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Sunday, 31 December 2006
Sunday 31 December. New Years Eve Ride to the Black Horse Amberley.


We met for a late 10.30 start at Walberton. Myself, Sam, Harvey and Keith Dodman.


The skies were heavy with thick black clouds threatening rain but luckily none arrived.


We took a direct route via Madehurst to stop for elevenses at Whiteways. Then down Bury Hill and across to Houghton where Sam stopped to mend a puncture. We arrived at the Black Horse a few minutes after 12.00 at the same time as some Arun Adur members with more arriving later. Tom and Joy arrived by car to join us.


After lunch Sam, Harvey and I took a direct route back riding into a strong headwind.


My mileage for the day was 35.



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Sunday 31 December. Meeting at Walberton Pond

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Sunday, 17 December 2006
Sunday 17 December. Tinsel Ride to East Ashling.


I led this ride and I was joined at the Cross by Mike, Richard, Sam, Christine and Avryl. We had a total of 13 out during the day with Alan and Liz, Dave and Jan, Harvey, Adrian and Keith Dodman joining  us at the Pub.


Weather was beautiful with crisp clear blue skies all day, light winds and temperatures up to about 9C.


We headed out on Clay lane and the South Coast Cycle Route west to Stansted Garden Centre Cafe for elevenses. We met here a group out from Bognor CC, a Time Trialling Race Club I belong to who were on their morning Club Ride.


Richard went back early and the rest of us headed for lunch at East Ashling via Racton and Funtington. As we climbed the hill from Racton 2 Santa Clauses on Tricycles came down the hill, honest! Later another 3 came towards us but I couldn’t get the Camera out in time. From the top of the hill we could see a big group, maybe 20, red coated cyclists heading up the valley in the Compton direction, all were on wheels not sleighs!


We headed on towards West Stoke and then down to East Ashling and the Horse and Groom for lunch. Adrian and Harvey were already there and the rest trickled in over time. Harvey was awarded the prize of a set of bike lights for the best decorated bike. For tea we all headed over to Hillier’s near Bosham via West Ashling, probably less than 3 miles and well up on Wednesday ride standards. They did have lots of Apple Pie left which was the main objective.


After tea we headed back to Chichester and then home by various routes. For me 39 miles for the day.



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Sunday 17 December. Regrouping at the top of the hill from Racton

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Sunday, 10 December 2006
Sunday 10 December. Christmas Lunch rides.

There were 2 rides today a short one led by Richard and an alternative long fast ride led by me and billed an Appetite Improver Ride.


We met 8.15 at the Cross with the sun just rising and a thick carpet of frost on the ground. I was joined by Sam and Phil and Mary.


Weather was bright clear and sunny in the morning starting very cold with a  temperature of zero and rising to 9C later in the day. Rain came in later but not until late afternoon.


We took the opportunity of light early traffic to ride up the main road to Singleton and then along the valley via East Dean. Then down Duncton Hill and backroads up to Petworth. There were patches of thin ice on puddles in places but luckily temperatures were not quite low enough for anything slippery.


We reached Petworth at 9.50 and with Tiffins closed till 11.00 we went to the old timbered café of Saddlers Rest which opens at 9.00. 2 cyclists from Guildford were already there and 7 Worthing Excelsior rides arrived later.


We headed back on the same route with a stiff climb up Duncton Hill and then via Eartham and Oving to the Walnut Tree, Runcton for the Christmas Lunch.


22 attended the lunch and the appetite was well and truly satisfied after the 3rd course. I headed directly back home after lunch only catching the beginning of some light rain.


46 miles for the day.


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Sunday 10 December. Leaving Petworth Cafe.

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Sunday 10 December. Christmas Lunch at the Walnut Tree, Runcton

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Friday, 8 December 2006
Sunday 3 December 2006. Ride from Chichester Cross to Emsworth
Avril & Keith from Littlehampton were the only riders to set off from the
Cross for this ride.

After the previous night's torrential rain & strong gales, conditions were
cold, clear and blustery. The ride stopped at Mariner's Coffee Shop in
Bosham for elevenses where I met up with Keith and Avril.

After refeshments and attempting a newspaper crossword that Keith had
brought along we headed pretty much straight for Emsworth along the A259,
save for a brief diversion through Prinsted. Despite the worst of the
previous night's weather having calmed, a combination of frequent floods and
debris on the road, and blustery side and headwinds, made the ride
interesting to say the least!

Soon after we arrived at The Greenhouse Cafe in Emsworth Lynn and Arthur
arrived, having travelled over there by car. After a leisurely lunch there
we made our own ways home.

My mileage for the day was 49km.


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Sunday, 26 November 2006
Sunday 26 November. Ride from Chichester Cross to Arundel.

Today’s ride was nominate Leader on the day and I was elected. 4 more joined me at the Cross, Avryl, Harvey, Adrian and Richard. The Cross itself was taped off with many Rotary Club members busy putting up the Christmas Tree and its lights.


Rain was forecast for the middle of the day but in the end none arrived and a cloudy morning gave way to a bright and sunny afternoon and very mild with temperatures up to 15C.


We rode via Westhampnett and back roads to Halnacker and then across to the Eartham road and down to Aldingbourne for elevenses. We were joined here by Alan and Liz. Despite the heavy rain overnight we decided to risk the track through Binsted woods. This has the advantage of very quiet backroads either side of the track. When we reached it the stony base prevented much mud but some parts were more puddles than track.


We continued on quiet roads through the golden colours of the woods and then through estates to Arundel. We had lunch at the Tudor Rose Cafe.


The afternoon ride took us down a very quiet Ford Road the reason for which turned out to be the crossing being closed for engineering works and all traffic being diverted. We got round this by using the underpass at the Station.


Richard and I stopped for tea at Alan and Liz’s. I got back home just as the sun was setting below a red streaked sky.


For me 38 miles for the day.





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Updated: Sunday, 26 November 2006 5:22 PM GMT
Sunday 26 November. Binsted Puddles

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Sunday 26 November. Riding through Binsted Woods

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Sunday, 12 November 2006
Sunday 12 November. Ride to Rowlands Castle.

7 of us met at Chichester Cross, myself (Edwin) Richard, Harvey, Avryl,Christine and Alan and Liz. I led the ride in place of Arthur who couldn't make it. Weather was very good with a light westerly wind and a lot of Sun all day and temperatures up to 13C. 

I led the ride up Centurion Way and then lanes to West Stoke. A piece of metal on the road caused an instant rear wheel deflation. I asked Richard to take the Group on while I mended the puncture. A touch of training pace riding saw me catch up just as the rest were entering the Greenhouse Cafe, Emsworth for Elevenses. We continued via Westbourne to the Village Café, Rowlands Castle for lunch. Here we met up with Adrian and Sam and briefly John Maxim who went back early. 

After lunch 9 of us now headed back on the South Coast Cycle Route with a stop for tea at Hillier's Garden Centre Café. 


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Updated: Sunday, 12 November 2006 5:04 PM GMT
Sunday 12 November. Meeting at Chichester Cross

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Updated: Sunday, 12 November 2006 5:05 PM GMT

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