Bognor/Chichester CTC Club Ride Notes
Tuesday, 26 September 2006
Tuesday 26 September. On the road back to Tinos Town

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Monday, 25 September 2006
Greece. Sun 24th Sept and Mon 25 Sept. Tinos Island.

Sunday 24 September

Today was an out and back ride to explore the mountain roads to the north of Tinos Town. Rain again came through conveniently overnight clearing by breakfast. The rest of the day was sunny and warm up to 24C.

We had a long winding climb from Tinos Town with the countryside getting more remote with terraced hillsides falling over a 1000ft to the great seascape below us dotted with Islands.

Our destination was the great rocky peak of Exobourgo topped with a Venetian Fortress. From the south side it looked unreachable with anything other than Crampons. We did a great circle round it with one steep climb reaching 23%. The last bit of road was up to a church from which it was a 10 minute walk to the top on a track.

The descent included great views across to Mykonos and Delos

20 miles for the day and 2227ft of climbing.

Monday 25 September Tinos to Paranormou.

Weather today was sunny with some cloud hanging over the mountains.

We moved on from Tinos Town to the far NW of the Island. We headed west along the coast to Kionia and then a long climb to a ridge and a break at a Church under the shadow of a wind turbine.

We continued on the road heading NW at about 900ft with great views down to the coast. After a few hairpins the high point of 1100ft was reached above Ysternia. Then downhill to the pretty village of Pyrgos where we stopped for lunch in a Taverna.

Then down to the bay of Panormos where we checked into Rooms for the night. Late afternoon was spent at the empty beach with a swim.

17.5 miles for the day and 1630ft of climbing .

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Monday 25 September. Ernie, Nicola and Peter climbing up from the Coast en route to Panormos

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Sunday 24 September. Richard, Peter and Phil and Mary descending from the Mountain

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Sunday, 24 September 2006
Greece.Mykonos and Tinos. Fri 22 to Sat 28 Sept.

Friday 22 September

7 of us flew into the Greek Island of Mykonos on Friday 22 September. Myself (Edwin) Phil and Mary, Ernie and Nicola and Peter Wilson and Richard Boulton from Arun Adur Section.

The flight went well leaving behind a rainy Gatwick for the blue skies of Greece. A lot of the group had bikes in boxes to be stored at the first nights hotel so we decided to all get taxis. After some shaking of heads by some local taxi drivers the bikes were accommodated sticking out of the open boots with many of their long bungie cords.

Our hotel was in the central part of town within a large area of narrow alleys with no cars allowed. We had a small pool to relax by in the warm sunshine after building up the bikes.

nil miles for the day by bike.

Saturday 23 September

Overnight heavy thunderous rain moved through. The hotel staff were very thoughtful moving the bikes to cover or putting covers over them. The rain cleared soon after breakfast to warm sunny skies the rest of the day.

We decided on a short shakedown ride to the edge of down before catching the 13.15 car ferry to Tinos. One bit shookdown more than anticipated as my brand new chain broke. Sorting it out could meant missing the ferry so I walked scooted or freewheeled the one and a half miles back to the ferry.

We arrived in good time and were directed to the right ferry as 3 big car ferries arrived at near enough the same time and manoeuvred for position to berth on the short jetty. Obviously rush hour time for ferries at Mykonos.

The crossing was 35 minutes with the towering hills of Tinos Island visible from Mykonos. After disembarking I used a chain tool to shorten the chain by 2 links and rejoined it. Then a Tour round town to find a hotel but little room at the inns due to it being Saturday and many Athenians being over here for the weekend. We were eventually sorted with 4 in one hotel and 3 in a nearby hotel.

Tinos is known as Greece's Holy Island and is home to an Icon housed in a church up a hill on the edge of town. Many Greeks make a pilgrimage there and some of the ladies crawl up the hill on hands and knees. Some were doing this as we walked to visit the Church in the evening. Carpet is laid at the side of the road to help them.

4.2 miles for the day.

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Waiting for the Tinos ferry at Mykonos port

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Sunday, 17 September 2006
Sunday 17 September. Ride to the Rising Sun Milland

We had 2 rides today, one longer ride to Milland and a shorter ride to West Marden

Weather was warm and sunny all day with a light SW wind. I led the ride to Milland but nobody turned up at the Cross although I met up with Steve and Colin later at the Pub. I assume a lot more went on the short ride

I rode at a brisk pace via West Stoke and Funtington to stop for elevenses at Compton. There were a lot of Charity riders on the route with a lot of signs up for 4 routes from 15 to 40 miles.

I continued over the hill to Harting and then Rogate and Milland reached at 11.55. Colin and then Steve joined me. The return route took in some great quiet lanes via Woolbeeding across to Midhurst and then Selham and Graffam.

At the base of Duncton Steve headed further east via Fittleworth to get a train back from Pulborough. Colin and I climbed Duncton to head back towards the coast.

61 miles for the day.


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Sunday 17 September. Colin and Steve on a hill near Milland

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Thursday, 14 September 2006
Sunday 10 September. Cafe to Cafe Ride.

7 people met at Chichester Cross being Harvey, Cath, Jane (Blyth) Mike, Richard, Liz and myself (Alan)

We took a route through the Roman Palace to the A259 and then Old Park Road to the path alongside Bosham Harbour which was still wet from the earlier high spring tide.

We had coffee at the Harbour Cafe where Adrian and Val joined us.Cath then left us as we made our way to the A259 and took Newalls Lane over the Railway to West Ashling Road. Then via Woodmancote, Westbourne,Aldsworth and then a bridleway at Stubblemere to Woodberry lane to Rowlands Castle for lunch.

It was very busy with dozens of cyclists including a Road Race, Charity Ride from Aldershot and a Tour Group of elderly (70s) Americans on Dutch bikes.

Adrian left us at Rowlands Castle and after lunch we retraced our route to Stansted House and took bridleways through to Racton and then West Ashling and Fishbourne Roman Palace for tea where Cath was waiting for us.

Weather was clear sunny and warm and mileage was 32.


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Monday, 11 September 2006
Sunday 10th September. Cafe to Cafe Ride.
There was a good turn out on this setting off from Chichester Cross, with
Indian summer conditions of hot sunshine and clear skies.

The group made their way to Mariner's Cafe in Bosham for elevenses via back
roads. When we arrived there the tide was out and we managed to all fit
around a large round table in the cafe.

After elevenses we set off for Rowlands Castle via part of the old
Chichester to Portsmouth road, which is now a country lane. Travelling
through Woodmancote we narrowly avoided getting caught behind a wide load
inching its way down the lane. We then headed up an unpaved track which
brought us out near to Stansted House. There was obviously a time trial on
the day as we kept being passed by numbered riders on our route. Then it
was a quick ride along more lanes to Rowlands Castle.

Three of us dined in the cafe there, whilst the others had sandwiches on the
common. After lunch the group headed back to Chichester via afternoon tea
at Fishbourne Palace tearoom.

59km for the day.


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Saturday 9 September. Ride to Russell's Garden Centre, Birdham

7 people met at Chichester Library including myself (Alan) Liz, Julian, Bruno, Cath, Christine and Val.

We took the Salterns Way path through Appledram and the route through to Chichester Yacht Basin. We then picked up the the Salterns Way route to Itchenor Caravan Park turning left on the Birdham Road the short distance to Russell's Garden Centre for tea.

After refreshments we took the direct route through Birdham to the Yacht Basin and then back the same way to Chichester City Centre.

The weather was bright and sunny with an easterly breeze with high cloud moving in late on.


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Monday 11 September. Eden Project

Weather was warm and dry today but cloudy with some mist. We rode about 6 miles to the Eden Project and spent the morning exploring the Domes. The visit was well worth the ride and we claimed a 3 pounds discount for arriving by bike.

Lunch was taken in nearby St Austell and then some welcome rest with a long train journey back home.


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Phil and Mary arriving at the Eden Project

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Sunday, 10 September 2006
Sunday 10 September. Ride to the Eden Project. Steps Bridge to Golant.

Today was to be a shorter ride than the previous 2 but with a lot of climbing. Weather was warm and sunny in the morning and humid with cloud and mist in the afternoon. Temperatures reached 24C.

Steps Bridge is self catering but Mary did us proud for breakfast with pannier supplies of porridge and pancake mix with golden syrup and other toppings.

We needed the good start with a long climb from the Hostel to a ridge. Then a steep descent to Mortonhampsted and then another long climb with many ups and downs to the top of Dartmoor at 1500ft. One hazard was sheep lying at the side of the road which would suddenly decide to get up as we approached.

We stopped at Postbridge for elevenses with takeaway coffee and snacks which we enjoyed on the old bridge. We continued with more climbing past the Prison. Then a long descent to Plymouth and a chain ferry
To Torpoint and lunch there.

We continued across to Looe and a stop for tea and then backroads to Fowey and another chain ferry. Soon afterwards Colin left us to ride on to St Austell to catch a train to Bath from where he plans to ride home from tomorrow. We rode on to Golant YHA which is about 6 miles from the Eden Project which we visit tomorrow.

66 miles for the day.


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Sunday 10 September, Elevenses at Postbridge, Dartmoor

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