Bognor/Chichester CTC Club Ride Notes
Sunday, 9 July 2006
Sunday 9 July.Outside Tesco, Petersfield

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Sunday 9 July. Road closed

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Sunday 9 July.Ann descends the track

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Saturday, 8 July 2006
Saturday 8 July. Saturday Ride to Earnley Garden Centre from Chichester

Weather today was fresher than of late at about 22C and sunny with patchy cloud. Freda was unable to lead the Ride today so I led on the way out and Kath took over for the return. We had a good attendance with 10 turning out including 3 newcomers.

We headed out to the Saltern Way cycle route alongside Appledram Lane and then across to the Yacht Basin. Then backroads over to Birdham and Earnley Garden Centre Cafe for Tea.

Kath led the group back via Almondington and I split off for home via Sidlesham and the cross fields route to Fisher.


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Saturday 8 July. On the Saltern Way near Chichester

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Thursday, 6 July 2006
Thursday 6 July: Evening Ride to the Holly Tree Walberton (Felpham start)
Thursday 6 July 2006: evening Ride to The Holly Tree Walberton (Felpham start)

The hot weather of the previous week has broken, and tonight was much duller and cooler of late. Nonetheless there was very little wind and it made for good cycling weather. Continuing the theme of the past few weeks however, only 3 riders made the start point – Alan, Graham, and Val.

Alan led us at a gentle pace through Middleton-On Sea, Bilsham and Yapton, where we took the path around the recreation ground to the Church, and then onwards to Maypole Lane where we crossed the railway.

At this point the lane is little more than rough track, and it crosses the main line by means of an unmanned “occupation” crossing where it is necessary to open the gates manually. As we did so we noticed trains approaching from both directions. Both were at safe distances away, but the westbound service was running at considerable speed, contrasting with the eastbound train which was running at caution with a single amber aspect showing on the signal ahead.

The eastbound driver obviously had us in his sights and gave several long blasts on his horn. There have been a number of suicides on this part of the line in recent months and drivers are clearly keeping vigilant. Two of us crossed the track but I held back to await the passing of both services. For my trouble I received a prolonged blast from the fast moving westbound train, and the combined noise from both trains must surely have given the environmental health officer cause for concern.

The excitement over, we continued into Barnham, then taking the lane northwards to Walberton and the Holly Tree pub. We thought we had made good time but found the Chichester start group (5 of them) already well settled into their chairs and giving the impression they had been there all evening.

A short while later Edwin joined us direct from his time trials, and after an appropriate pause for refreshment, we departed back home taking him and John from the Chichester group back with us. The return run was direct via Blacksmith’s Corner, North End and Yapton; mileage start to finish was 15.

Graham for Alan

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Sunday, 2 July 2006
Sunday 2nd July. DA Event. 2 Weald Ride from Wisborough Green.

Weather was sunny all day and very hot reaching about 31C. Tarmac was melting later in the day.

The DA Event organised by Horsham Section involved a choice of 4 loops from Wisborough Green so members could choose from between 25 and 100 miles for the day. Phil and Mary and myself decided to go for the 100. I took the train to and from Billingshurst for the Event. Phil and Mary rode there, did the 100 and rode back, phew!!

The event was well supported with 24 taking part from various Sections and doing various distances. Alan and Liz came up car assisted and did the northern loop. Nicola came up early on the same train as me and did 2 loops before the heat built up too much.

Richard and Ernie rode up from Walberton Pond and met up with everyone for lunch.

At the end of each loop we enjoyed the hospitality of Horsham members with comfortable seats and cold drinks and Cakes

Phil and Mary and myself did the hardest loops first to the west and south and we were joined by John Maxim. After lunch we finished with the east and then north loops, enjoying over the day a wide selection of scenic lanes in the Weald between the North and South Downs.

My mileage for the day including travelling to and from stations was 116. Average speed on the Event was 13.5 mph.


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Sunday 2nd July. John and Phil and Mary riding out of Wisborough Green

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Sunday 2nd July.Resting at the Wisborough Green Control

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Thursday, 29 June 2006
Wednesday 28 June. Evening Ride to the Anglesea Arms, Hanaker, Felpham Start.

I led this ride and in line with recent weeks turnout was well down with only Graham joining me. Weather was very good, warm with clear blue skies.

We took a direct route via Colworth and Tangmere. Jeff and Beatrice were leading the Chichester start ride. John had almost joined them but his fork broke just before the start and he had to lock his bike and catch a bus home.

Jeff and Beatrice left the Pub soon after we arrived to get home before dark. Graham and I took a similar route back to our outward ride.


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Monday, 26 June 2006
Sunday 25 June. Ride to Dragons Green

Colin was unable to lead this ride and as he had difficulty contacting anybody in the Section able to lead it Ernie agreed to lead.

Weather was warm and dry about 23C but mostly overcast. Ernie was joined at the Pond by myself (Edwin) just back from the States and Phil and Mary.

We rode out via Madehurst and Houghton to stop for elevenses at Wiggonholt. Here we were joined by Nicola, Richard, Mike, Alan & Liz and Eric. There was a good gathering of cyclists with Arun Adur members on a short ride and a large contingent from West Surrey.

Our Bognor/Chichester group split in 2 with some making their way direct while the Walberton Pond starters took a long route on lanes via Barnes Green, At the Pub we met up with John Maxim who had been there for 45 minutes.

Just as we went to order food the Pub decided to suspend food orders for a while because they were overwhelmed with numbers. We eventually got some food just as we were planning to move on elsewhere.

We headed back to Wiggonholt for tea in different groups. On the way back we took the Kyber Pass route to Burpham for a change noting that there were still Buffalo in one of the fields.

The ride home from Arundel was during the England match. Yapton was like a ghost town and Bognor was so quiet that I used the normally busy A259 into town.

My mileage for the day was 67.


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Sunday, 25 June 2006
Sunday 25 June. At the Pub at Dragons Green

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Thursday, 22 June 2006
Evening Ride - The Black Rabbit, Arundel (Felpham Start)

Disappointingly, no riders turned up at the start point for this ride, so it was cancelled.

This is the third week in a row where the absence of any riders has meant no evening start from Felpham.


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Tuesday, 20 June 2006
Sun 18 June: Fast ride to Hogg's Lodge, Clanfield
On a hot and sunny day Phil, Mary & Steve set off from Chichester Cross for the Hoggs Lodge. The route took them via elevenses at Rowlands Castle to the lunch stop at The Hogg's Lodge in Clanfield,where I met up with the rest of the

Since we arrived quite early (11.30am) we had our sandwiches in the large and deserted pub garden before the pub opened at 12.00. Since none of us were ordering food from the pub we left quite early, at 12.30, for the cross country haul to Tangmere. We had discovered that the Tea room at West Stoke where we were originally going to have afternoon tea was closed, but Avril had kindly offered to provide this at her house in Tangmere instead.

Out route to Tangmere took us through Chalton, Compton, East Marden, Chilgrove, Lavant and then skirting the north side of Goodwood airfield before arriving at Tangmere. We made good time on this, despite the heat and the steep hills, arriving at 2pm 90 minutes after setting out from Clanfield.

Since we were early we stopped off at the Tangmere Aeroplane museum for refreshments. Unfortunately since a party of school children had recently visited there were very few refreshments left, so we made do with what they had and sat outside for an hour until it was time to set off for Avril's.

Upon arriving at Avril's we discovered a supine Mike relaxing in the front garden in one of the chairs provided. We made ourselves at home and soon after the other groups arrived, namely the Stansted Garden Centre contingent and Arthur's Moulton group, making for a fair size gathering of cyclists.

We had a slap up meal of strawberries and cream with a selection of excellent home made cakes, washed down with cups of tea. After a pleasant afternoon at Avril's, we made our own ways home.

My mileage for the day was 85km.


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Saturday, 10 June 2006
WSCC Joint Rides programme -Bognor Library to Aldingbourne Country Centre
Although this ride clashed with England's first World Cup match of the 2006 competition (v Paraguay), glorious sunny weather and perfect riding conditions helped ensure that no less than 9 riders set off from Bognor library. Six came as a result of the entry in the Rides and Walks publication, from as far afield as Rudgwick, Worthing, and Boxgrove.

We set off via the back streets of Bognor, over the railway and through the industrial estate, to reach the quieter lanes of Shripney. A short bridleway cut the corner off to reach the A29, then Hook Lane, Aldingbourne Church, and Crockerhill were all passed to reach our destination.

After a suitable refreshment break the return route took us via Level Mare Lane, Northfields Lane (which was as potholed as ever, but quite rideable), Eastergate Lane and Barnham station, where Alan and Liz departed for shopping and our Worthing rider left for the train home.

The rest of us continued to Yapton via a short stretch of the old Portsmouth-Arundel canal towpath to Tack Lee bridge, where our friends from Rudgwick took some photos.

Tack Lee bridge, Yapton

From there it was an easy run to Bilsham, Middleton, Felpham, and then via the seafront to central Bognor Regis and the library.
Mileage from the start point to finish was 19.5.


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